Ministerial energy underscores the need to increase gas production and agree to complete the Nazim Abu Sakhir

2016/06/13 20:32


Ministerial Energy Commission demanded Monday, expanding electricity smart meters experience after "big success" constant energy and reduce consumption, while stressed the need for increased gas production of "utmost importance" to Iraq, agreed to complete a project Abu Najaf rhyming Sakhir.

This came during a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, today, the Ministerial Energy Committee meeting, to discuss the functioning of power stations and provide citizens with electricity and approving a number of procedures and facilities in the supply and purchase of fuel and maintenance to improve electrical power mode ", according to the head of the Government Information Office.

The meeting saw "expand electric energy smart meters experience for people in homes that have been tested in the zionih area, East of Baghdad, has seen great success in terms of electricity supply and reduce consumption at the same time."

The Committee also stressed the importance of "increased gas production as of paramount importance for Iraq," agreed to "complete the project of Nazim Abu Sakhir in Najaf, and provide amounts to him."

See also assembled, according to the statement, "the previous rulings and directives and discuss a range of topics on the agenda and taking decisions."

The electricity Ministry announced, (25 January 2016), start by applying the distribution sector privatization project to eliminate corruption and ensure an equitable distribution between regions and collecting wages of energy, confirmed the assignment of the first patch in Zayouna district, East of Baghdad, and application of smart meters.