every hour there are a few dozen freed from the grip of Daash and hourly tens shot down by controlling the Fallujah regulation and take her children as human shields . Where the population of Fallujah , besieged make from inside and outside their best to escape from the grip of the organization Daash who have taken their city stronghold and through safe passage opened by the army troops helped evacuate four thousand civilians over the weekend. Amid fears continuous access militias to those Nahadjin where he recorded many violations against civilians fleeing across the rudimentary investigation was broken by the actions of sectarian is for Iraqis and their morals.
As fighting street fighting Iraqi forces with the regulation in the revival of the city of Fallujah , where rising columns of smoke from different regions and hear the voices of explosions the clashes continuously.
and stands operations team leader Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi on a high building oversees the Shuhada neighborhood directly addressed his orders to the sectors and students from the coalition bombing targets inside the city aircraft.
He says , " are fighting now , the streets of war with militants Daash, sometimes separates us from them twenty meters only , "adding that" confrontations spin with light arms. "
Iraqi authorities launched a major military operation since May 22 to regain control of this city , which fell more than two years , however Daash.
adopts anti - terrorism device on advanced communications coordinate their work with the security services system besieging the city and with the coalition forces.
the device has a system eavesdrop on communications between al Daash elements who are always talking about the lack of many, according to Saadi.
Saadi told AFP he holds three connections devices "hear them always asking for support to men, they have great fighters deficiency, We killed them so far , an armed 600 during the incursion battles only. "
and within one hour of the control elements of the extremist organization on the front lines, sent three air strikes against coalition aircraft.
said another officer in the anti - terror apparatus on condition of anonymity , " We have killed 14 element of Daash make up three mortar detachments after he provided us with the coalition forces with information and coordinates. "
and listens Saadi across devices to the dialogue between the field commanders who are engaged in street fighting, he says , one of the elements of the " Let the wheels and enter homes and Ansaboa snipers and lift up the Iraqi flag. "
moments later related field officer declaring so happy "We have raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings."
but Saadi respond firmly, "We do not seek a moral victory we are here to make money with victory."
seemed to resist the insurgents are very weak, and was confined to the launch of a number of mortar shells and a few bursts, can the elements of counter - terrorism device discerned.
the city is located about 50 kilometers west of Baghdad , one of the last major strongholds still , however , the organization , along with the city of Mosul, in the north of the country.
in the meantime, the South axis , where he leads the fight against terrorism a storming operation totally devoid of the population while the look seemed destruction evident on buildings.
team - Saadi said a "protection of civilians is one of Olulyatna, and the inhabitants of these areas had withdrawn them , " stressing that "Fallujah is at hand , and we need some time to finish the process."
did the organization expects Iraqi forces to be able to penetrate the defense lines of the four that erected on the outskirts of Fallujah.
He said al - Saadi said " the organization put four lines to repel, a trenches and tunnels and bombs and snipers, did not want to reach the battle to Fallujah center, but we were able to break into all these obstacles and we are now within them."
" the regulation orders his fighters to liquidate wounded because the wounded is a burden on them and they have no means of transport, as they are cut off heads of their dead from the local fighters do not even know them Anbar police that share the fighting. "
the bike hobby is the means used by fighters of the organization of movement for lack of fuel operations and to avoid air strikes.
and participate in the process fighters tribal units of Anbar police.
for his part, Maj . Gen. Hadi Rseg Anbar police chief, told AFP that said "battalions emergency spread of breakers that have been edited in Fallujah."
he stressed that "Fatah security pathways for residents fleeing from Fallujah , " explaining that the number of displaced people who have left the city "even yesterday amounted to 12,346 people."
He noted that " the investigations conducted by the information Department confirm the presence of a lot of the elements of the Islamic state who are fleeing from the city , taking advantage of the exit of displaced persons."
He explained Rseg "we have captured 546 people accused of terrorism have been displaced within the displaced families, the identities forged, during the past two weeks , until Sunday. "

He said Karl Schembri , a media adviser to the Board of the Norwegian refugee, told AFP : "We are relieved, but this means that we as a society humane fully interested , " and warned of a lack of resources and water sufficient drinking for all displaced people.
He noted a significant lack of public relief efforts in Iraq are hampered by securing material quickly . Need for humanitarian organizations estimate over the next six months , ten million dollars to provide food, health and drinking water for the displaced.
It is expected to be the evacuation of thousands of residents in the coming hours, even though their journey perilous and threats of the organization who are trying to stop them all the way.
Great difficulties facing civilians on the road to escape , walk across the mines and crossing the Euphrates River , at any price.
in the accident , the worst so far, 18 people were shot dead by gunmen the extremist group as they arrived at the intersection of peace, south - west of Fallujah, Friday.
a senior officer at the joint Special operations command, told AFP that "Daash killed released fire on residents who were Ahropon when they arrived at the intersection of peace , which led to the killing of 18 people and wounding dozens. "
he added that the Iraqi forces , which was located approximately two hundred meters and separates them from the jihadists Satara dirt up three meters, rescued a number of wounded.
Sami Albouhatm, a member of the clan Albouhatm, " The army troops have rescued three of my relatives are a young man and two children from the massacre, while the transfer Daash wounded and dead bodies into the city."
he described what happened as " a massacre because the families wiped out completely." in
turn, Ahmed Al - Ghoneim said clan Albossalh He told AFP that "families paid a hundred dollars for every individual to escape from the elements of the organization to help them survive IEDs and mines."