Parliamentary legality: to postpone consideration of claiming legitimacy sessions Member of Parliament is to be expected

2016-06-13 23:54:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Counting the parliamentary legal committee member Hassan al - Shammari, Monday, to postpone consideration of the grounds of appeal Bgelsta the House of Representatives held on 14 and 26 of the month of April to the 28th of this month is to be expected, noting that the Committee of Experts "exceeded" its primary mission.

Al - Shammari said in a statement that " the pretext to postpone consideration of the legitimacy of two sessions of the House of Representatives and the resultant them by the Federal Supreme Court is to be expected after being briefed on the technical report submitted by the Committee of Experts."

Shammari said, that "the Committee of Experts , although its distinctive but it has expanded in its more than required and exceeded their basic task of the statement of health , Neshat material to film the proceedings of the meetings and not be manipulated by deletion and shredding or not, in addition to the intention of the parties to a lawsuit to challenge the report in if it does not hurt in favor of his claim. "

He said al - Shammari, a former justice minister, "Well Court Pantdabha done for the new Committee of Experts participated formed a party to the lawsuit and understandable nature of its mission , " and expressed hope that "be the next report is final and that the court is not in line with the intentions of the appeal premeditated , which are not in favor of the resolution of the lawsuit ".

Referred to the Federal Court, announced earlier in the day Monday, the postponement of consideration of a lawsuit challenged Bgelsta the House of Representatives to the day of the 28th of June current, as pointed out that the experts asked Amhalam until day 26 of the same month to submit their report to the court.