Hanno Korean welcomes the establishment of a residential city area in donums

2016/06/13 17:30


Wasit Governor owner behind the Valley, Monday, that company (Hannu) Korean welcomed a "bigger" residential city in the province, an area with about one thousand dunams, confirmed that the company is approaching reality project implemented by "model" successful investment looks conservative lltkrarh.

Malik said after speaking to the Valley (long press), "a delegation included many local officials and specialists visited approaching reality City project implemented by a company while showing the Korean at the invitation of the company to identify the mechanisms of action and implementation and offer investment opportunities in the province."

He said the company, Valley welcomed the opportunity presented by large investment delegation to establish a residential city preservation like approaching reality, occupy space over a thousand acres, "returned to" residential investment model is approaching reality project successful conservative looking to establish its unparalleled hanwha also. "

Valley, said that "an agreement with the management company on a field visit to Basra and identify investment opportunities in the most important residential city of Wasit project which look to be invested by it for its high potential for implementation and financial capability."

New town project is approaching reality of Korean hanwha is the first and the largest development project in the history of Iraq, where the city is located, 10 km to the South-East of Baghdad, on the road of Les bond between Baghdad-Kut.