Distribution of 1500 pieces of land in Basra late June, the current

2016/6/13 16:35


Basra Governor Majed Nasraoui announced the distribution of a new meal distribution of residential plots of land amounting to 1,500 pieces in the municipality of Qurna Directorate on the thirtieth of this month of June.

The governor of Basra, in a press statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Monday that "those pieces will be distributed to multiple slides are included privatization, including the families of invalids and martyrs of the terrorist attacks and political prisoners and detainees and civilian staff and military personnel, journalists and owners of private and women's needs without a breadwinner and staff born in provinces is the birthplace of the father and the top athletes and staff of the deceased due to work and Displacement and Migration in addition to retirees and senior campaign martyrs. "
Among Nasraoui that "apiece area of ​​250 square meters."