Governor of Muthanna: seek to replace inept managers and some ministries object

2016/06/13 16:10

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Muthanna Governor Faleh Abdul Hassan frozen yogurt, sugar on Monday, seeking to change and replace most government departments, conservation managers with attributing it to "incompetence and powerlessness" in their present difficult period "," asserted that some ministries objected to replace some of them.

Faleh Abdul Hassan said in an interview with the frozen yogurt sugar (long press), "the last period saw a re-evaluation of the performance of all managers of departments and bodies working in the province and noted a lot of them don't deserve to stay in Office.

And added frozen yogurt, some managers of government departments currently have proved unable to manage the Affairs of their constituencies during this current difficult period, "adding that" the coming period will send a list of a large number of County Council services managers to replace them. "

Frozen yogurt, said that "we sought to replace some inept managers oppose him intercept some uncooperative ministries with conservative management, and do not know what is going on in our local".

Muthanna saw, (6th of June 2016) making some security configurations leaders hops in the province, with back to move was to address some "goofs" recent security.