Judge Abdul Latif: we have provided documents proving the legitimacy of a session 14 forget experts understand in their field

2016-06-13 at 11:18

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Among the reform front proxy judge Wael Abdul Latif, Monday, today's meeting was not to resolve the lawsuit, but experts understand their experience requirements, pointing out that the number of experts turned their three to five.

He said Abdul Latif/scales news "reform front presented a series of questions, the defendants submitted a set of questions and overlapping Fraternity House, on some issues and we have to understand what the expert tribunal."

Abdul Latif said that "experts asked after to provide their report during a period of not less than ten days, and the reform agreed that the Commission should take its time and submit their report to accommodate all the things that floated", noting that "the report will be submitted on 26 June on the date of hearing on 28 this month.

Abdul Latif, said that "no reform front, learn how to resolve the issue and it depends on the level of debate that would take place inside the Hall to plead, on the experts ' report that was professionally, politically, you get all the questions or didn't understand, is there shortcomings, all these will appear during the hearing on 28 June.

And between "AE case containing the first of these two legal jurisdiction and technical competence of experts", stressing that "it depends on what you will offer experts if they can surround the proceedings of meetings on 14 and 26 April last."

He stressed that "new experts understand in their area of expertise, and did not refer to the politicization only after the submission of the report, and then we can judge an impartial and professional, technician, or that it was urgent," explaining that "reform front made all the documents that prove the legitimacy of the session 14 April 26 hearing challenged because it is illegal.

The Federal Court held, on Monday, the fourth meeting to consider an appeal by two Parliament, where federal permission to experts decided that she was elected and sworn a legal visit sites detected in the House without the intervention of any of the parties to the proceedings by their efforts.