The Central Bank intends to activate the "special unit for combating money laundering" and taught in cooperation with the Association of banks

2016/06/13 10:41


The Iraqi Central Bank announced Monday its intention to activate the Special Unit against money laundering "to keep up with local and international requirements, and confirmed its readiness to cooperate with the Association of banks to implement programmes on" money laundering ", praised the efforts of the Iraqi private banks Association to develop the banking sector.

The Central Bank Governor said the agency relationship, in a statement received (range), a copy of it, on the sidelines of receiving 15 graduates recently participated in a training session set up by the Association of private banks for a competent in the area (AML/CFT), the issue of combating money laundering is an essential criterion for dealing with any bank because it reflects the Bank's work in terms of integrity and professional and ethical and financial work.

Public relations, hailed "the efforts of the Iraqi private banks Association to develop the banking sector," the Central Bank "is ready to cooperate with ASEAN in implementing programmes to combat money laundering and in the interests of the financial sector.

He stressed the relationship, that "banks are cornerstone in the money laundering process by virtue of its location and its possibilities and capabilities", noting that "the Central Bank has developed a special unit to combat money-laundering and is activated to keep up with local and international requirements.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Association of banks on Gibraltar, the statement said, that "an association seeking to develop training plans, especially in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing in the interests of the banking sector and advanced banking cadres working in accordance with international standards."

Iraqi Cabinet announced on Tuesday, (30 June 2015), approval of the draft law against money laundering and terrorist financing, which acquired great importance in drying terrorism and responding to international trends in this area.