Abtan: 2016 would be years of excellence and innovation in the Transport Ministry and their formation

2016-06-12 at 23:49

Transport Minister Abdul Hussein abtan, agency on Sunday, the Ministry of transport is working on implementing a strategic plan that includes all configurations for upgrade projects by land, sea and air transport, in order to achieve the highest levels of comfort and prosperity for citizens, hoping that the 2016 years of excellence and innovation.

Revealed that there were important steps will be taken gradually include Iraqi airports infrastructure development through opening of new airports and other rehabilitation, saying it will open the airlines with the Nations of the world to facilitate movement among Iraqi citizens that Iraq needs to increase its fleet of planes to accommodate evolution in air traffic.

Abtan said that among the projects that will hopefully begin rehabilitating the rail network between Iraqi provinces, that train is a safe and comfortable means only that the reality beyond the misery of Iraq in railway.

Port level it has considered its sovereignty back to the Iraqi economy console in addition to oil, he noted that the interest in ports is a priority in terms of handling equipment and development roads suitable to transport goods as well as the opening of new docks.

Transport Minister expressed the hope that in 2016, and a new era of philanthropy and development efforts and promote development and progress and excellence in Iraqi institutions in General, and in the Ministry of transport, in particular configurations. He said the Ministry with great ambition, despite the limited strategic plan will focus on scientific and practical sides through which it will proceed with the development work.

While he praised the Ministry's employees actively abtan to continue on persevering efforts and service to Iraq and its people, and demanded that the officials of the need to create an appropriate atmosphere and creative staff, and recruit top creators and rehabilitation capacity to be active and influential in their constituencies, the need to get away from the routine in business performance and strive to make it easier for citizens.