It must cover the customs duty to the cost of local production

6/13/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad emirate economist said Jaber: that the reports of non - governmental organizations concerned with side economic indicate that Iraq has lost over the past 2006.2010 more than $ 180 billion because of its reliance on imported goods and the decline of local industry.

He said Jaber in an interview with « morning «that the results of a survey conducted by the Ministry of planning in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and social Affairs in 2010 in Iraq showed that the unemployment rate among the population aged 15 years and over of
1.28 percent for both sexes and the unemployment rate for males was 2.30 percent versus 16 percent.

He said Jaber: starting to say that the protection of local production and encourage them to grow and develop and achieve acceptable levels of earnings, mean that the tariffs be imposed on imported products will lead to higher prices as well as prices of locally produced goods by the tax, which can be local product who suffers from normally production costs are high that cover these higher costs and make a profit it can continue in production, expansion and exploitation of its energy productivity - based, and thus the development of the imposition of duties on imports lead to higher Almtemtah products price protection in the internal market and enable it to discharge its production.

He said if he was able to domestic industries from exploiting the protection period for the development of production and reduce the cost of production , it can then continue to work until you start reducing the tariffs level or completely canceled without the need for continued protection, hence, the economic cost to the national and the consumer as a result of the imposition of protective customs duties economy offset growth and expansion , which can get into the national industry, which represents social benefit provided to sectors of the national economy and for the consumer , also as a result of lower expected prices after the expiration of the period of protection by customs.

Jaber between being effective tariff protection and serve to achieve the goal protect domestic production must be based on the tariff law detailed economic analysis determines necessary protection for each commodity on the unit level in the light of comparing costs and prices of local and imported foreign goods and competition in the domestic market, but not the most effective must be the extent and the level at which eliminates the price difference between domestic and foreign commodities.

concluded Jaber to say: that More importantly, is the need for infrastructure , the creation of the national economy , both physically and technically and technology and the restructuring of production facilities in the public sector, which suffered the majority of its facilities to stop work until now, or the private sector is suffering from deficiencies and weaknesses and a lack of funding and interruptions from the outside technical and iT world since the period long, and also suffers from weak competitiveness even with the neighboring countries ' products, so the imposition of customs duties, as set out in the tariff law No. 22 for the year 2010 is not enough to the national industry to recover and makes them in a position of maximum and effective to benefit from the tariff approved in - law .