Thi Board is suing the Ministry of oil caused by "environmental and economic damage."

2016/06/12 16:56


DHI Council announced Sunday on Federal Court lawsuit against the Ministry of oil due to environmental and economic damages caused by oil companies contracting with the Ministry, accused the Ministry of "deal" with conservative management, "while the Court identified the 20th June now, the date for the first meeting.

He said the oil and natural resources Committee Chairman in Yahya almsharvaoi, a (range), "Dhi Federal Court lawsuit against the oil Ministry after the conservative administration were unable to reach a suitable way to deal with the Ministry, stating that" the Court set June 20 as the date for the current session.

Almsharvaoi added that "conservation management and in case it got by going to file a lawsuit before the domestic courts against the Ministry because of infrastructure damage caused by the oil companies contracting with the Ministry as well as economic and environmental damage.

Almsharvaoi pointed out that "the Ministry dealing come with conservative management and ignore their interests and the subsequent economic and environmental damage on the pretext that they were a sovereign Ministry," pointing out that "the Ministry failed to cooperate or coordinate with the Department of conservation on oil projects in Dhi Qar.

Called almsharvaoi, the oil Ministry to "cooperate and coordinate work and create a real partnership as approved by the Constitution which obliges the Ministry of oil in cooperation and coordination with the local administration on oil projects which concern them."

DHI management was accused on Wednesday, (1 June 2016), non-cooperation with the oil Ministry and "dragging" oil company maintenance, while the Ministry called for reconsideration of the project management policy, oil (350 km south of Baghdad), and taking into account the rights of the local population, threatened to prevent the oil companies "uncooperative".

The Cabinet was formally approved in (5th of January 2016), establishing an oil company thi.

Oil reserves are estimated at Qar oil fields more than 20 billion barrels Gharraf fields parcelled and Nasiriyah and Abu pillar and Foundation field, while the total output current of 200, Nasiriyah towards Gharraf field barrels.

Oil production dates Dhi to 2007 where he was the first phase directness to develop Nasiriyah oil field early that year and initial production capacity is estimated at 12 million barrels.