Opening of three new schools in Baghdad.

2016/06/12 14:58


The Ministry of education on Sunday opened three new schools in the capital, to address the lack of schools in Karkh side Resafe.

The Education Ministry said in a statement received (range), "Baghdad Governor Ali Al-Tamimi, General Manager of Rusafa and second breeding two schools in zafaraniya fellers, Southeast of Baghdad, and Palestine Street East of the capital.

The Ministry said that "the two metal structures or schools (construction ready) and each school contains three floors and 18 school classrooms with accessories", asserting that "the opening of these schools came to address the shortage of schools in various Directorate breaker."

It said that the "Directorate General of Karkh in Baghdad opened third building consists of nine ranks in the phalanges of the torch parties boycotted, Northwest of Baghdad, a sign that" the opening of the building came in collaboration with the Council of parents and teachers in school.

The Education Ministry said, "the President of the PTA established plot donated by her school and had a larger role in the construction and rehabilitation of school building", noting that "building consists of nine rows are added to the old building of the elementary school hail."

MoE was revealed, on Sunday (29 may 2016), about the need for more than 7 000 teacher and teacher to fill the shortage of pedagogical cadres, while most school projects stopped due to the financial crisis, there were a number of pilot schools.

Education Minister Muhammad Iqbal in the (23 May 2016), obtaining the Ministry approval to build 200 schools in balancing 2016, as wished to enter the French companies to contribute to these projects, the Consul said run c just alkenzaoi the possibility of French companies in school construction projects "record time".