The opening of an investment project in Kirkuk at a cost of nine million dollars.

2016/06/12 16:28


Governor of Kirkuk opened DIN Karim, on Sunday, the IRS or the blast, at a cost of nine million dollars, and called for the completion of seven-story hotel is one of the joints of the project quickly to provide services to the people of the province, praised the role of the security forces and two civilians, the security of the province.

Governor of Kirkuk said Najmuddin, on the sidelines of an investment project, in Kirkuk, and his presence (range), to "secure and stable city of Kirkuk this further evidence of the success of Kirkuk and its citizens to meet the challenges and to insist on living and ensure their city", hailing "the role of the security forces and two civilians, security forces in the province to continue and reconstruction."

Cream, called "complete the hotel project provides services to residents of Kirkuk."

For his part, said the head of the investment authority in Kirkuk peasant Bazzaz, on the sidelines of the opening of the project, the project is within the investment projects and the building is located near Central Kirkuk province, and building the 14-storey ", stating that" the seven floors of the hotel also has a large mall and shops and restaurants and a swimming pool, massage, sauna and Sports Hall.

Bazzaz, stressed that "this project is the largest in the city of Kirkuk and the cost of delivery amounted to nine million dollars.

The Kirkuk governorate experienced investment projects for housing and reconstruction and shops and more than 50 investment projects reached assigned her to more than 650 million dollars, which contributed to provide hundreds of jobs for young people.