Effects of a new controversy over the lack of transparency and oil file; Kurdistan Parliament Members reacted harshly to a lawsuit for the Minister of natural resources

June 12, 2016 9:58 am

Ignited a lawsuit brought by the Ministry of natural resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government against the members of the Committee for finance and economy in the territorial legislature, a new controversy over oil file, a lack of transparency in procuring and distributing imports.

Ministry of natural resources and in the development of later filed a lawsuit in a Court of inquiry Arbil against three members of the Parliamentary Committee on finance and the economy and they're Committee Chairman Dr Ezzat saber and Vice Chairman and Committee member Dr Hamma Saleh Circo Judt for allegedly spreading false information is not based on evidence and proof, about corruption in the sale and distribution of oil imports, and demanded that habeas corpus and not hide under the guise of parliamentary immunity.

The Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee parenchyma and the economy in response to the statement of the Ministry of natural resources wrote on his social networking site,» to a thief and a liar who wants to sue us», means the Minister of natural resources are hawrami, adding that hawrami wants sue to tell the truth in court.

In turn finance and economy Committee Chairman described in the territorial legislature Dr Ezzat Saber Act Department of natural resources in the Government of the territory that is similar to Erdogan's policy towards its opponents, to lift the immunity and prosecute anyone claiming rights to the people.

They are willing to cite, if immunity was lifted in a legal hearing convened by the Parliament with the participation of the majority of its members, after the President blocked from entering meetings return Abril.

Then he continued appearing in court to defend ourselves, and the numbers and our reports about corruption in oil file, stressing that the territorial Government complain to anyone claiming rights of citizens and seeks to introduced to eliminate.

Saber stressed that the territorial legislature and several times tried to impeach the Minister of natural resources are horami, he refused to appear before Parliament and Government and his successor tester
The Parliament, stressing that if activated, his first assignment will be the recall of the current Government or impeach the Minister of natural resources are horami and is the weakest of faith.

Kurdistan Parliament President session Yusuf Mohamed said in a statement sent to the new copy of the morning call established by the Minister of natural resources to the members of the Parliament of Kurdistan, pointing out that it represents a new page from pages coup October 12 last year to Parliament and disrupt its oversight role, and obstruct the process of accountability of the Minister of natural resources, by members of Parliament on the background of the lack of transparency in oil imports and lack credibility and return to Parliament to achieve self-sufficiency.

President of the territorial Parliament expressed surprise at the omission of the territorial Government to provide requested clarifications about the proportions and the size and product oil imports, with stands powerless to grant overdue salaries for months, and are instead providing clarifications required for the people of Kurdistan, about the reasons for fighting against citizens in their power, they are filing complaints against members of the Parliament of the people's rights defenders.

It is said that a large part of the serious economic crisis afflicting the region and deteriorating relations with the Centre are natural resources Minister endures horami, who stressed repeatedly in front of the Kurdistan Parliament, to sell the territory to blister solo away from Baghdad is Cedar more amounts granted by the Federal Government, saying it will bring a standard period of economic independence and self sufficiency for the territory, unless the cause along with high debts of $ 20 billion to negative repercussions and economic decline afford citizens catastrophic And staff in the region.