Five most important reveals parliamentary rules are disabled and causes of non-legislation

2016-06-12 12:33

Special balance news

The parliamentary legal Committee member attributed the slim Shawki, Sunday, because many important laws legislation to political differences between the blocks.

Shawki said, to balance news, that "differences between the political blocs about versions of laws, causing disabling many important laws as well as existing Parliament crisis."

He added that "the Federal Court Act is the law which separated by conflict between the Federal Government and the territory, between the Federal Government and the provinces and that the Court is interpreting the Constitution.

And, that "the Federal Court has reached the stage of legislation, but it remained stuck due to disagreement over the issue of attendance by unanimity or by thirds", noting that "two-thirds case is thrown as a consensus when some control, but the Kurds insisted on unanimous case, therefore it was agreed to proceed unless two-thirds consensus."

Shawki said, "the Federal Service Board Act also reached the voting stage characters that occupy, as governing the Iraqi State job, but couldn't vote."

And, as for the Federal Reserve Board Act to the House of representatives, which act as a representative of the provinces, as well as many constitutional vagueness problems interfere with some constitutional texts. "

He drew the Committee member, that "disagreement between national and coalition forces around the National Guard law, concerning paragraphs regionalism and the Administration and processing of armaments", explaining that "the Alliance he wanted federal and national guard wanted to have powers like Interior and defense."

It was that "it was suggested that the National Alliance of all Iraq, but wanted to force consists of each province a crowd, but we refused that it represents a danger to the unity of Iraq."

And noted my desire, that the "accountability and justice law, there was also disagreement about it between the strong and the National Alliance, I wanted to be in one package with the National Guard and search".

Affirmed that "all these differences caused the rigid laws voted", expressing the hope "that the first chapter of the third legislative year beginning break these things".