Commerce Announces establishment of 98 national company limited during may

2016-06-12 12:10

Baghdad the balance of news

Company Registration Department announced at the Commerce Department, on Sunday, the angels established transactions completed circle (98) national company during the month of May.

Chamber Director said Ferial Akram Abdullah received the statement/balance of news copy, that "her district has issued several resolutions concerning corporate contracts modified, distributed between the capital increase and integrate company accounts and liquidation of the company accounts.

She added, "it was seven representative offices of foreign company registration and (2) a foreign company branch and closer (98) registered company wetashir records and referral (242) to coroner is inconsistent with the controls and instructions.

She noted that "the circle examined the final accounts of national firms (2049) national company in addition to merge accounts (23) companies and capital increase (28) and filter accounts (10) and adjust the contract (44) is a joint stock company and examine the accounts offices and branches of foreign companies (53) company."

She "disables ratification by constituent meetings records of the limited companies (84) minutes plus certification (42) minutes of special meetings of the General Board of joint stock companies as well as ratification of the decisions of the general body of persons of limited companies (1032).