The Government's use of parliamentary economy: war loans and payroll

2016-06-12 10:25 a.m.

Special the balance of news

Economy and Investment Committee member confirmed parliamentary answer truthfully answer, on Sunday, the State's inability to pay its employees without access to loans.

Najib said to balance News/Iraq, forced to borrow his be or become poor due to the fact that the country is at war against "Islamic State" in addition to having basic things like salary payments ", adding that" the State is unable to pay it without borrowing ".

She considered "loans that Iraq tried to get under the credit rating (-b) of the best opportunities that got her country because few benefits reach (1, 5)", stating that "if Iraq managed in a rational and prudent management of the country turn to borrow from others.

She noted that "previous Governments and a lack of good management brought Iraq to a deteriorating economy.