The document. Cabinet approves housing loans and banks engage Awards

2016-06-12 at 08:57

Baghdad the balance of news

Real Estate Bank lending mechanisms and instructions for the Iraqi Central Bank loans.

The Premier's authenticated by the total amount (5 trillion Iraqi dinars) to distribute housing loans to the provinces by 80% of the population and degree standard 20% for standard degree of poverty that does not increase the amount of the loan of 50 million Iraqi dinars as an upper limit for each case and for ten years and a 3% interest rate on the average age of the borrower (22 till 65).

Loan granted for purchasing residential units in complexes that do not tell the dwelling unit area (65 m2) or for construction of residential land has no less than 100 square meters and the construction area is not less than the net (65) square meters and a construction loan is granted on agricultural or industrial plots ended