Obeidi announce the approaching battle of Fallujah from the city center

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Face Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, on Saturday, the people of Fallujah to get out safe places to cross paths allocated to them by the Iraqi army or stay in their homes for those who can not leave.

A statement by the Ministry of Defense, said that "the defense minister lose today Anbar Operations Command and the Task eighth Infantry accompanied by Chief of Army Staff and Amaaonah operations and Meera and commander of the ground forces and the Army Aviation, the minister was briefed on the nature of military operations and endeavors, and oversaw the liberalization of peasant women and Subaihat areas battles."

The minister praised the high morale enjoyed by fighters heroes rapid progress that caused the defeat of terrorist organizations Daash that collapsed if the arrival of the Iraqi army to these areas ", he underlined that" the main purpose of these battles is to save innocent citizens from terrorism and the preservation of their lives and property at a time It showed the Iraqi army's civilization and humanity in dealing with displaced people from areas where military operations. "