Banking companies prevents central banks and prevents them from dealing with selling outlets

2016-06-11 at 17:18

Special the balance of news

Detect CBI official Saturday, bank transfer, a number of corporate finance and banking companies to banks having met the conditions and prevented from dealing with outlets selling the dollar.

The source said to balance news "Iraqi Central Bank issued approvals to convert a number of finance companies and banks banking capacity".

The source said the Central Bank, "conditioned on those banks not to deal with outlets for the dollar to be purely banking work away from currency", indicating that her work specializes in loans and other things. "

He was Chairman of the Board last week, relieved the Admins good and SUWAIDI banks and agricultural and industrial estate.

Parliamentary Legal Committee considered earlier, sacking the heads of banks that do not exempt them from legal accountability, Financial Committee returned removed latendg fix list for not bringing them to justice. over 29/h 33