Blast works to increase crude oil production

June 11, 2016-12:20 pm


Iraq News-Wasit governorate said the high rate of petroleum production of the hunchback and Pedra fields to more than 220 thousand barrels per day, noting that the increase in production came after the launch of three new oil wells in the County revealed that comes on the market more than 630, 000 tons of wheat crop for the current agricultural season. Wasit Governor production engineer owner behind Saidi said in a statement that the productive capacity of the oil reached 160 ahdab barrels, with initial production capacity rose to a field Badra oil 40 thousand barrels to 64 million barrels of oil production a total of 224 thousand barrels a day after it was in production during the past month 200 thousand barrels, while the total production in the month of July 175, 000 barrels per day.

He added that the ahdab oil now runs nine card oil wells, as well as the willingness to enter new wells over the next two months to be total capacity 10 oil wells. with regard to field of the oil that had Saidi Pedra production came after the launch of three new oil wells in the field, with Russian Brougham KAZ seeks to project oil 170 access Pedra barrels through the year 2017.

Explained that the gas company Chinese OASIS to draft ahdab Russian wekazbrom oil field oil drilling 200 racket badra oil well blowout 153 service income, rose 140 oil wells in ahdab oil and 13 oil wells in oil field Pedra, pointing out that the two companies informed us about their gas associated with oil extraction process in the power generation, will be sentThe surplus gas need Wasit power station.

Governor among the ahdab when peak in oil production during the year 2017 will produce 100 million cubic feet of associated gas in addition to 600 tons per day of liquid gas and 300 tons per day of sulfur. Oil company and oil Ministry Saidi reiterated his call for creating private oil company, oil company detached the Middle, like Basrah, Maysan and Nasiriyah oil companies, as a result of the oil production of the hunchback fields and badra oil, adding to the large stock of sulphur, gas to liquid and dry, as well as owning oil fields discovered and undiscovered with the angels and the equipment needed to create oil company.

The Wasit governorate has the right to create its own oil company when compared with other provinces that have oil companies at the time she didn't get to be where you banker of oil production, noting that the Governor had demanded earlier by declaring alzofrih fields and starlings who discovered by the Ministry of oil in the 1970s and 1980s in Wasit Governorate, within recent licensing round.

Marketing of wheat, the County confirmed the capacity of the existing stores did not match the expected crop due to increased quantities cultivated wheat and barley and agricultural Committee Chairman in Wasit Council Hashem Awadi to outlets in the province received until June 9, 634, 000 tons of the current crop of wheat and barley within 3840 tonnes of cultivated area for the current season contained 944.Alpha and 825 without agricultural plan, as well as other spaces was cultivated wheat outside the agricultural plan, after peasant petroleum products processing.

He added that the Governor put a study indicating that yields are expected to be for the current agricultural season is more than a million tons of wheat crop for the season of abundance in irrigation water as a result of the adoption of the main water sources and the rainiest season.

New mechanism and noted that the province has organized a new mechanism to deliver wheat and barley through the southern division in the province to silo and North and stores Department of agriculture in the process of handing over barley, indicating that the agricultural Committee conferred with the Commerce Department to find new sites to receive and store crop after studies have shown that production would be redundant and exceed marketed last year denied Awadi yearningIn wheat and barley deliveries from farmers, noting that all marketing outlets still open doors to farmers and marketers until another kg of wheat.

The estimated total area of Wasit governorate b 6221000 dunams, while the arable land area in 2662000 dunams, including reclaimed land and dunum 481000 151000 dunams of land reclaimed peninsula and 230 acres of land is reclaimed, while non-arable land area within 3940000.