Education: school exceeded 53 removal in Karkh cutter

Since 2016-06-11 at 13:02

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The Ministry of education announced on Saturday, removing over 53 schools in Karkh cutter.

The Minister said Muhammad Iqbal in a statement/balance of news copy, must intensify cooperation and strive to maintain educational institutions and in particular schools, being a valuable legacy for all generations ".

The statement added that "educational institutions are now overtaking an impressive phenomenon and due treatment, the fact that Iraq is in urgent need of those schools", stating that "reports of the planning Ministry underlined the need for Iraq to more than 20.000 school for bilateral and trilateral swirls disengagement."

He noted that the "General Directorate of education Karkh in Baghdad managed to remove third (53) a violation of (70) on the Directorate schools", "this was removed dyed abuses either by mutual consent or warrant."

He explained that "resolution (154) ruled ultra vires by imprisonment from six months to three years, either resolution (36) overriding sentenced to 10 years in prison.

"The Ministry is making strenuous efforts to restore some educational institutions and raising abuses and rehabilitation, the fact that most of these schools are delivered and a large damage inflicted by lawless."

The statement called on all ministries and Government institutions to "school buildings and educational institutions occupied by them, to provide an opportunity for reconstruction and re-occupancy by students in the next academic year."