The Foreign Minister of Iraq looking at Lebanon Arab and international files bilateral relations

Jun 09, 2016


Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jafari discussed Thursday with Lebanese Prime Minister Salam international and Arab world files.

After that came a message from Jafari acknowledged his Iraqi counterpart Salam Haider Abadi, regarding the developments in Iraq and the region and bilateral relations.

"Jaafari said she carried a message from Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to the Prime Minister of Lebanon. We talked on the Iraq issue in the bilateral relations between the two countries. "

"We talked about the Arab world, as well as files, because, as you know, staggered, and the challenge we face in Iraq casts a shadow on all of these national and regional Arabic's inner circle.

Jaafari said "it's no secret to anyone that the Iraqi forces recorded impressive victories on more than one level, and are today control grip on Fallujah, takes too much security and safety of citizens, men and women, old and young, so it is more effort, and maybe make sacrifices, if only caring about the flute with any kind of harm to the sons of Fallujah."

Jaafari noted that organizing "ISIS" taken from Fallujah, "trying to root for a long time, but they displayed is flag strike Fallujah, clearing Fallujah will be reflected positively on the rest of the Iraqi cities and prevents its repercussions and its flow to other areas outside Iraq."