Baghdad Municipality: Manufacturing metric containers for trash by relying on its own efforts

2016/6/9 15:46


Baghdad Municipality announced a metric containers for trash relying on its own efforts without resorting to import materials from other countries manufacture.

According to the Directorate of Relations and Media said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday that "units of the Department of productivity of the Baghdad Municipality has manufactured a large number of metric waste containers and is continuing this work based on self-help and raw materials are available, and work is continuing for the processing of what you need municipal districts of these containers, "indicating that" the circle of these containers manufactured according to international standards, adding a lot of improvements to prolong the life span of its manufacturing process and that these containers and all its parts are in the circuit coefficient. "

"The container industry in the process inside Iraq has provided more than forty percent of the money that was spent on the import of such containers, as well as the operation of labor as well as being the best of the containers that were imported after they have added some modifications."

She pointed out that "the circle of production units produced per day between [25] to [50] container at the present time and are working to improve the possibilities of its plants to produce the largest number to meet the needs of municipal districts, are also working on the maintenance of old and damaged containers and returned to service."