Swiss proposal to the leaders of the liberated Iraq

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Syed Ahmed Abbasi In the name of God the Merciful say work soon will Allah observe your work and His Messenger and the believers after the fall of the defunct regime in 2003 and to this day, it was expected at the outset that the government is going to be real change and shake the dust of the past who succeeded him buried.

Although the legacy of heavy and Iraqi politicians to work according to two modern era Men power base and not men of the opposition.

But it dashed the hopes of those who care about the people of Iraq in all governments that followed the fall.

Services were absent zero, and beautiful pictures of each of Iraq's cities and we're seeing the ruins and destruction, fires and the beginning of the series of car bombs and explosive belts and bombs!

The first to enter the kingdom of Al Saud sabotaging Iraq and burn these steps.

Because of the weakness of the political performance of each government that followed the fall of the Iraqi political arena has become a five-star hotel for each of the bear after it entered the intelligence services of many countries have established their Kontanat, institutions and companies are working with several interfaces !!

And to allow the Americans regard all these (Alnmain) Iraqi, Arab and foreign that every man should take his share.

America is not stupid to the extent that Tvanmoh because they have a precise calculations with all these and have the records and videos, information and database on each one.

The day will come when you hear and you see these scandals wholesale after lift secrecy about this and promise me you if God made us revive will refer to you as I promised.

In the midst of this confusion, the Iraqi people did not see a glimmer of hope and a green light at the end of the tunnel.

And it did not feel a great service provided by the Iraqi government in order to feel stable after Iraq has become a haven for Angus God's creation of Aldoaash and to understand.

The problem is that some politicians from the Shiites and Sunnis are the political wing of the terrorist gangs Daash.

Thus, the Iraqi people took place between the jaws decoding terrorism that kills him and the lack of services that destroyed its infrastructure.

And also there are no glimmer of hope in the real reforms to come. I (and God forbid I am of the word) and one of those who were waiting for the drastic changes after the fall of the son of Awja.

It was our opinion is that we ask today and we expect from one day to another improve services and raise the purchasing ability of citizens and provide better ways of living in the Holy Iraqna new. But one of these dreams not realized with great regret. And to compare not want a life in the West and in Iraq. To not want a place to put Iraq Awastralaa Denmark or Canada or Switzerland.

This is the seventh impossible. But Iraq's political strength of his men and their leaders who make a new dawn for Iraq. This did not materialize.

The Iraqi people want to breathe fresh air and feel the freedom and democracy (sulfonated) who came to Iraq later failed to heal wounds!

Although most of the politicians in Iraq, they have lived in for some time in Europe. But they did not pass us one of those countries where they have lived and learned, including laws that serve human and animal experience.

And I say Bmle my mouth and write to politicians and those with them, and I mean only the entire political class that has benefited and thrived (and Rbrepett) and became her account in international banks and have become millionaires and billionaires in the night the day after they (Hvaa)!

Although conditions in Iraq vary, as I wrote about the many countries of the world but I had to raise the pension politicians the ability of the citizen and honor him and secure his pension.

Everyone sees with his own eyes the ordinary citizen who is looking for a living and living despite the prosecution booby him all over the place that was in the markets or in the rulers conditions.

I say if there is a social security scheme to him from the beginning according to the European approach, and as is the case in most developed countries of the world what we got to what we have today.

We do not want to give us a state salaries and social insurance, as in the West (uncle Btalnh God Khei Mnrad) only Ahmona of booby (and Shui) services and repairs!

In a dangerous precedent and a historic move them you have occurred this week in Switzerland when the majority of the Swiss refused to get on a monthly free additional countries in the work of the income through a referendum to get the monthly income for all, whether the worker or unemployed if a foreign citizen or other resident on Swiss territory! !!

Imagine that the Swiss people after a referendum rejected the proposal of free income !!!

Do you know why, because this people and Oai cultured, intelligent and energetic country sanctifies the value of work is not supported either lazing on an individual level to persons or at the level of the economy!

And also in order to preserve as much as a high level of competitiveness in the world. This came after a popular referendum initiative by a group of not belong to any political party. In order to customize the monthly salary for all worth 2500 Swiss francs. (2260 euros) per adult. And (the equivalent of $ 2560). And 650 euros for each minor. This is done through new taxes by imposing extra charges.

Swiss printed slogans opposed to the idea of ​​income without work on the ground in one of the fields of Geneva is worth mentioning that according to the political system of Switzerland, which pursues a direct style of democracy that the vote citizens directly without deputies for them on the important issues. The Swiss claim to vote three or four times a year!

This new method should be taught in Iraq and adopted Alssayasaon and working out in the Iraqi parliament supported all organizations on many issues that serve the community and proposed by citizens on the government and vice versa, this is all through popular initiatives and solidarity of all, such as the current initiative is free of income extra! And require any initiative to collect 100,000 voted to put the election a referendum in Switzerland!

Will things turn in Iraq and changing minds and begin to take the role of youth organizations and crushes these underdeveloped minds that did not provide anything for the people of Iraq is plundering its riches?!

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