A senior Iraqi economic expert describes the government 's decision to exempt government banks Paljre and right and proper managers

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Counting an economist, the decision Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to exempt state banks managers b (right and proper).
Dawood Al Zayer said in a statement seen by "Economy News" that "the decision to exempt government banks managers and restructuring correct decision, sound and bold and must circulate this decision on the rest of the financial and banking institutions to activate and global integration."
He added that "the Trade Bank of Iraq (TPI) is distinct from the rest of the Ministry of Finance which is Mthrih and marred by corruption and suspicion and deal Bberkratih and favoritism and can not integrate with the global economy, a distant and isolated from the economic and banking development of government banks."
Among Zayer, "The Bank of Iraq trade is integrated with the global economy and has relationships outside of Iraq, a fairly good but not the level of ambition, and, unfortunately, this government banks have become owners rather than managers and staff and the decision to exempt a step in the right direction to release it from its directors and their policy failed."
The prime minister was baffled Abadi, was relieved yesterday six managers of banks governmental organizations.
A statement by his office said, "Based on the requirements of the national interest and the continuation of the approach of comprehensive reforms, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has ordered Dioanaa appointed new managers in each of the Commercial Bank and the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank and the bank's real estate Industrial Bank and the Agricultural Bank."
The statement attributed the decision to "revitalize the banking sector and Sir national strategy to stimulate the economy and create jobs and implement the launch of loans for industrial projects, residential and commercial citizens the best formula, according to the government's plans."

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