Cabinet sets out mechanisms for the distribution of residential land to citizens

2016/06/08 18:36


The head of the Government Information Office said, Haider Abadi, Wednesday, residential land allocation controls for categories of citizens, including members of the security agencies and special grades, but to contribute to providing wizards "radical" housing crisis, providing new jobs, reduced allowances for rent housing units, as well as the support of a large segment of citizens from lowland and middle income.

The press briefing was the spokesman of the information Office of the Prime Minister, Saad Al-Hadithi, who followed him (long press).

Al-Hadithi said, that "the Government is seeking to contribute to make root treatments housing crisis and solutions to mitigate the burden faced by citizens in this side, and through the allocation of land to them and would be able to establish where units of employment for a large number of young people and workers in the construction and housing sector professionals and artisans and labor, as well as stimulating the market under the trade of construction materials, transport, and reduce the rent for residential units," returned to "also contribute to supporting bracket Wide variety of lowland and medium incomes ".

The spokesman added that "the Cabinet endorsed thereon, direct allocation of residential land to citizens according to the first customization controls, noting that" the first of those controls to be serviced plots distribution of municipalities and municipality of Baghdad real allowance in accordance with the procedures specified in the law on the sale and lease of State funds (21) of 2013. "

Hadithi explained, that "serviced land belonging to the municipalities and municipality, less than its real value (50%) Plus the infrastructure value averaging 75 000 per square meter, to be paid in one lump sum or installments, infrastructure is completed within a period not exceeding two years ", noting that" the value of infrastructure include the cost of water, electricity, sewerage and roads. "

The spokesman said, "the installment amount instead of selling to unserved territories by equal instalments over 10 years from the date of the sale to citizens, and to launch the sales of all government agencies have under the law of the sale and rent of State money number 21 for 2013", pointing out that "the Government encourages ministries is associated with the Ministry to allocate plots of land for construction of residential complexes observed by investment, they decided to alabka“ Cabinet resolutions (53, 168 of 2014) concerning granting employees of the army and internal security forces and civilian fighters who seem distinct roles and bravery on the battlefield field during military operations residential plot of land, with emphasis on the application of the decision of the Council of Ministers (198 year 2011) containing the selling floor and apartments to their occupants are not legal and operational apartments and subject to approval by the owner, with an emphasis on the House repeal legislative commands (21, 36) of 2005 concerning the allocation of plots for the employees of the three presidencies, and to be Distribution of plots by hometown or place of habitual residence of the last ten years. "

His press office spokesman Abadi, saying that "the reporting segments customization, are citizens of slides them plots of land under the laws of the window", "benchmarking for citizens, including calculation of points for each child, and five points if the citizen is covered by social care, and four points for unmarried female older than 35 years old, and that count three points for people who don't have a home, and three points forRetired, seven points for a widow who had no income, and five points for a widow who has entered, and two points for married or married to count one point for each functional or guaranteed service for five years, and six points for doctoral and masters campaign four points, three points for Bachelor and diploma campaign points, points for Certification Prep campaign, three points for a lower deficit of 30 percent, five points for those who have a deficit of more than 30 percent, two points for a child with special needs, And three points if displaced segment covered by the law Ministry of immigration and displaced persons ".

And for the members of the security forces, said Al-Hadithi, the Government decided to calculate three points, added two points to her mattress, and four points for the officers, and five points for leaders, and five points for the directors and their degree, and seven points for the Under Secretary and his degree, and nine points for the Minister and his grade up.

The spokesman said that "slides contained in special laws, residential plots allocated by 33 percent of those intended for distribution, adoption benchmarking above, to amend those laws so that all cases of leasing rather than", and that "slides include doctors surveyed jurisdiction decision of the Revolution Command Council dissolved (118) of 1986, law of compensation for those affected by the hostilities and military and terrorist operations errors (20) for 2009 and amended law number (57) for 2015, and the law foundation of martyrs (3) of 2006, as amended, the law foundation of political prisoners (4) of 2006, pioneer athletes and heroes covered by law No 6 of 2013 and its amendments.