Diyala Council Member announced the formation of a Committee to select "comprehensive reform paths"

Wednesday 8 June 2016 14:33

Sumerian News/ Baghdad

Detect Diyala provincial Council Member Abdul Khaliq Al-Azzawi, Wednesday, for a Commission in the Council of five select "comprehensive reform paths" in three major files, asserting that the Commission's findings will be submitted to the Department and the provincial Council for adoption.

Azzawi said in an interview for alsumaria news, "Diyala Council decided to form a Committee composed of five 5 members belonging to different political bloc to determine paths for an overhaul in the files of the security services and fight corruption

Azzawi added that "the Commission will be presented the results of its work shortly on the Diyala Council for adoption and management of the next phase," adding that the results would be bound by the Governor during a maximum period of 45 days in succession Council legal options within his powers, including impeachment. "

Diyala Council had decided to postpone days before voting on a resolution impeaching the Governor to 26 next month under efforts to give adequate time for intermediate solutions between the parties and political blocs to avoid a security vacuum adversely.