Internal inspector prevents wasting my money and recommend to the State Treasury re billion dinars

2016-06-08 at 13:13

Baghdad the balance of news

Office of the Inspector General at the Interior Ministry, Wednesday, preventing waste and recommends more than billion dinars to the Iraqi State Treasury during the month of May.

A statement issued by the information Office of the Ministry and received/balance of news/copy that "cadres of the Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry and the inspection commissions and through the exercise of its audit and inspection report on the joints of various Ministry managed to prevent waste and recommend the more than one billion Iraqi dinars to the State Treasury during the past month.

Inspector General drew "cadre library in charge of arranging interviews to pursue issues of citizens and coordination with the relevant Ministry departments to resolve them and informing citizens of what else has been done".

Inspector General called on the various Ministry departments to collaborate with citizens and strive to provide the best services for them and set aside time to meet them and to consider their grievances and problems. "

"The citizens by providing information on corruption cases and report cases of extortion, bribery, abuse of power and negligence in providing services to them by Ministry services and its affiliates.

So the Inspector General received (108) people came to meet him in order to display their complaints and problems and apply that varied between requests for return to service and pension rights and issues of martyrs and wounded in addition to issues of extortion, abuse of power and delays in resolving transactions for citizens and other issues.

The Inspector General of the Interior Ministry had allocated on Tuesday of each week to meet citizens and associates to look into their complaints and problems related to joints