The future of private banks

Author: Yasser incumbent

06/08/2016 0:00

The private banking sector in most developed and developing countries has many merits as one of the one of the main staff of economic development, not least thing on it is prepared by global investment firms as a foundation in requirements in the country that want to invest in it, the question is where site Iraqi banks from this evaluation ?

the private banking sector in Iraq are exposed to penalties and fines and challenges almost oust him because the international reputation of which they are based banks require Toffermassarv creditworthy financial, and regardless of the validity of these sanctions or not, the situation requires of those in charge of the banking sector working to end this dilemma.

Perhaps the mistake that occurred when the banks to Ataathmlh alone but collectively responsible because the currency auction solely responsible for this problem after that was a blessing for the economy to rein in inflation and the means and effective instrument to achieve price and economic stability has turned into a curse downplayed and the reputation of the banks by the behavior of some speculators fraud, forgery and take out the hard currency that describe money laundering and smuggling.

belive in CBI recent attempts to seriously resolve this dilemma exploited unfortunately by some both in the tugging and statements media or the exploitation of banks to blackmail issues, and if things continue this way, the future of disappearing and when that to Atnmah real and Anamwa not organized economic activity.

As the government seeks to achieve a new economic reform capable of a renaissance of the country economically has become necessary to provide discreet banking sector to perform this task, meaning that the country needs a strong banking sector, and this requires re - reputable banks through close the proceedings and not to alienate banking cadres that took seep because of fears of sanctions because of blurred vision in business dealings and fraud in the arts and letters of credit authorized border.