The American Ambassador Looking for military operations in fallujah and humanitarian situation with the governor of lạnbạr


Met with the American Ambassador Stuart Jones with the governor of lạnbạr suhaib the narrator in June 7, the year 2016, to discuss the ongoing military operations and the humanitarian situation in fallujah. Ambassador acknowledged during the meeting. The courage of the security forces of Iraq, including tribal fighters in the liberation of the city of campaign of ISIS. And he suggested also continued leading role played by the United States of America in assistance to humanity to the Iraqis, the most affected by terrorism, ISIS. As well as Ambassador Jones supported the speech of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi and invited all the troops to protect civilians and civilian objects in the campaign of fallujah and invited him to investigate any violations may be committed.

Ambassador Discusses Fallujah Operations, Humanitarian Situation with Anbar Governor

U.S. Ambassador Stuart Jones met with Anbar Governor Sohaib Al-Rawi on June 7, 2016, to discuss ongoing Fallujah operations, as well as the humanitarian situation. During the meeting, the Ambassador praised the bravery of the Iraqi Security Forces, including tribal fighters, in the campaign to free that city from Da’esh. The Ambassador also noted the leading role the U.S. continues to play in providing humanitarian assistance to Iraqis most affect by Da’esh’s violence. Additionally, Ambassador Jones expressed his support for Prime Minister’s Abadi’s statement calling on all forces to protect civilians and civilian property in the Fallujah campaign, as well the Prime Minister’s call to investigate any violations that may have occurred.