The opening of liquid gas production plant in Thi

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He opened the first Deputy Governor Dhi aldkhili future gas plant just for liquid gas production in the upper market production capacity up to 10 thousand attend daily drum, Director General of Iraq's gas offices.

Aldkhili said in a statement/news on balance sheets, "the opening of this plant came after conservative need him and relieve the gas factory Nasiriyah and reduce obstacles to do Labs and eradicate crises in which conservatism once in a while."

"The production capacity of the plant between 8 000 to 10 000 daily drum, while adopting the Suq Senate equipped its lab works city of Nasiriyah but official balkatoaat."

He noted that the opening of the project "future gas plant community is a good model for investment in maintenance file" investment company trend to Thi and proceed with work being fertile ground for investment. "over 29/24