Vote on the remains of the new cabin waiting for the end of the legislative recess

Dated: Tuesday 07/06/2016 3:48
Iraq today / special

Ministerial cabin provided by the Government, has been voted upon in installments, it was to postpone the vote on the rest of the portfolios in the cabin, so the fire Athtrq political struggle which has taken an arena of Parliament.

Parliamentary Legal Committee, touched on the fate of the vote on the rest of the cabin, where he declared, "The completion of the vote on the amendment ministerial cabin, and sworn in the new prime minister, will be conducted during the sessions of the new legislative term."

MP Hassan Turan - a committee member of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, pledged that his committee would be able to pass some laws in the next days: "There is legislation important laws package, still Off we passing in the new legislative term sessions" - referring to the Federal Court Rules general amnesty and accountability, justice and the prohibition of the Baath Party and the follow-up to recover the money smuggled.

The share of the new ministerial cab from the talk, it was in these lines: "The parliament will go to complete the modification of ministerial cabin and vote on them, and then sworn in the new prime minister in the coming sessions, after the legislative recess and resume the business end of the beginning of the month of July."

MP Turan, then commented on the problem of quorum, which has become impossible as a result of the political crisis, and its impact on passing laws: "The achievement of a quorum in the new chapter sessions, does not constitute an obstacle, and will take effect automatically after the end of the parliamentary crisis, the Declaration of the Federal Court decision in the appeal proceedings."

mention quickly, that the House of Representatives officially began the legislative recess, last week, and will last one month, after he finished second legislative term sessions extraordinary session, did not complete the quorum.