War exclude session of Parliament held in June and the speaker of parliament would not venture again to call for an extraordinary session

Dated: Tuesday 07/06/2016 3:48
Follow-up / Iraq today

Following the legal expert Tareq Harb on the scheduled Parliamentary Iraqi Council of Representatives a statement, which included the possibility of a parliamentary session to say he was "unlikely session of parliament held throughout the month of June, so that this month is the second month of the parliamentary holiday, which lasts until the thirtieth of this month

And on and 01/07/2016 will be the beginning of the first semester of the third year of the Parliament in accordance with Article 57 of the Constitution and Article 22 of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives, because the House of Representatives did not enjoy the first part of the holiday, which started from 05/01/2016 up to 30.05.2016 any entire month of May, "added the war, and that" the proceedings before the Federal Supreme Court on the legality of the parliamentary sessions for the month of April 2016 is unlikely to be resolved in the next deadline tomorrow, Wednesday, 06.08.2016

so that this date will be the date to deliver a report experience to the parties to the lawsuit to indicate their opinion on this report after the completion of writing by the experts whom the Court assumed the appointment, obliging them to submit a detailed report experience for this lawsuit, including parliamentary sessions placed challenged judicial before the court may be asked to a party to the proceedings,

any vice-reform protestors session and agents Prime the House of Representatives to postpone the hearing to a new date for the study or report the experience of a party to the proceedings may approve the report and ask the other party to postpone the case to the new date for the examination of the report,

especially if the report indicates against the interest of the party and the interests of the other party or to apply for both sides or one of its edges lawsuit the appointment of five experts in accordance with the provisions of the Evidence Act,
which give them this power, and therefore will postpone the case or may be required to suit a party or one of them discuss the experts in their report, which follows that to postpone the hearing to a new date making it difficult to hold a parliamentary session and be unlikely held in private if the front reform suspended attend the meetings of the parliament on a decision by the Federal Court,

"emphasized the war" that might not convene parliament is increasing by the month of Ramadan, which is a pretext for the degradation of some MPs to participate in this session, and add to that the issue of liberalization of Fallujah and the consequent Forward voltage to security and military side as well as the constitutional inhibitor,

so that the holding of a positive article Bell (58 / I) of the Constitution requires that the extraordinary meeting, which if held associated new exceptional circumstance or new emergency situation got during the parliamentary recess did not exist prior to the start of the holiday parliamentary,

and told his parliament rapporteur matters not exceptional and not an emergency but not new, and previous experience that the oldest graduate of parliament in the last session had its share of failure, where a quorum was not achieved for parliament in its last session we do not believe that the Speaker of parliament Sagamr again to call for an extraordinary session to be achieved the quorum doubtful and therefore, many things stand in front of the report by parliament rapporteur in his statement. "