US Ambassador: Iraq will receive four F16 fighter model next month


BAGHDAD / long - Presse

Announced that the United States of America, on Monday, they will be handed over Iraq four F16 jets from the aircraft during the month of July, while confirming that the aircraft contract will be completed during the year 2018 a total of 36 aircraft.

Iraq has signed an agreement with Washington to buy 36 fighter model F-16 aircraft, and the Iraqi government announced in September 2011, the payment of the first installment of the purchase price paid for the purchase of 18 fighter of this kind, while confirming that the Ministry of Defense, in the July 3, 2012, the desire of the Iraqi government in increase the number of aircraft in the "near future" to protect Iraqi airspace.

And come within this armament deal signed between Baghdad and Washington at the end of November 2008, which provides for the training and equipping of Iraqi forces, the security agreement.

The US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, during a press conference held at the US Embassy in the Green Zone, attended by (long-Presse), said that "Iraq received 6 aircraft type (F16) of the total agreed aircraft in the deal," noting that "the Iraqi government will take over 4 aircraft type (F16) during the month of July. "

Jones added that "the rest of the total aircraft in the deal are training in the United States," adding that "the aircraft contract will be completed during 2018, a total of 36 aircraft."

Furthermore, the US ambassador said that his country "understood the economic challenges faced by Iraq and offered a loan of 2.7 billion dollars for the purchase of military equipment," noting that "part of this loan is to deal planes (F16) and maintenance of tanks and part of the amount naval force that will provide protection for plants oil in Basra, as well as securing some ammunition to Iraqi forces. "

He said Jones that "Iraq has not received the loan to now the US government is pending approval by the Iraqi government to hand over the loan to support the military in Iraq," noting that "the interest rate imposed by the US government on this loan is 6.5% and very little longer."

In the context of the participation of the international coalition in the ongoing operations to liberate Fallujah, the US ambassador revealed that coalition aircraft face 60 airstrike on the organization Daash sites in Fallujah.

He said Stuart Jones said that "the international airline alliance that led the United States to face 60 sites and communities to organize an air strike (Daash) in the city of Fallujah," noting that "25 airstrike was during the last week."

The US ambassador said that "Washington contributed during the current year 2016, $ 800 million provided humanitarian aid."

To that he denied Jones and the existence of any secret arrangements with Iran, the popular and the crowd, "stressing that" support to the popular crowd passes through the Iraqi government, and this also for the Peshmerga, "adding that" the United States does not support any party armed only with the consent of the Iraqi government. "