During a telephone conversation with Al-Maliki ... Obama confirmed his country's commitment to Iraq and its democratic system unit

Date: Tuesday, 03-04-2012 07: 29 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ...The price of u.s. President Barack Obama positive role in the region, Iraq, stressing his country's commitment to a democratic Iraq and rules.
According to a government source (News Agency news) on Tuesday: US President Barack Obama congratulated the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, during a telephone conversation, the success of the Summit, which was held in Baghdad Arabic.
The source added: the Obama Iraq role price in the region, stressing the positive: Britain's commitment to Iraq and its democratic system unit.
Clinton pointed to his country's commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region.
Added: Maliki thanked Obama for his country's commitment to preserve Iraqi funds and inviolability./finished/4 s. p/