Zebari will meet heads of foreign diplomatic missions in Baghdad

7/6/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Al- Sabah

met with the finance minister , Hoshyar Zebari , heads of United Nations missions and the European Union and the Group of Seven European countries and the World Bank and the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation «JICA» accredited to

The meeting took place at the ministry 's headquarters on Monday, where the Minister Hoshyar Zebari briefed on the standby credit agreement «SBA» with the international Monetary Fund and the efforts made ​​by the government's efforts to get the international financial support from friendly countries and international institutions to help Iraq to withstand and overcome the challenges faced by the war on terrorism and defeat Daash gangs of hand, and narrowing the fiscal gap witnessed by the budget for Iraq in 2016 the years that followed, which will enable Iraq to overcome the financial crisis experienced by the terms of a second.

He also expressed Zebari expressed his gratitude to those organizations and countries to support Iraq at this stage, reflecting the international community 's understanding of the challenges experienced by the extent of international support enjoyed by his government and gave the minister thanked and it estimates the government states the Group of seven «G7» to bring financial support by 3.6 billion.

the Zebari said that the government will be faithful to its commitments under the standby credit program that was recently reached between Iraq and the agreement and the international Monetary Fund, which contributed greatly to stimulate the donor countries to provide support required, and enhance the credibility of Iraq 's finance in the global financial markets and the credit rating agencies
global .

okan Finance Minister has directed on Monday thanks and appreciation letters to his counterparts in the countries of the Group of seven and the European Union 's generous financial support received by Iraq from the countries of the group.