Dhi Qar presented 36 investment opportunities in Shatra north of the province spend

Author: HUA
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Long-Presse / Dhi Qar

Announced Dhi Qar management, on Monday, subtract 36 investment opportunity variety in the district of Shatra, north of the province (375 km south of Baghdad), usually they come in the framework of activating the role of the private sector in development and create more job opportunities within the available resources and laws.

This came during the first investment conference, the opportunities available in the foundation design to spend Shatra, (45 km north of the city of Nasiriyah), which was held at the Cultural Center Hall of the center of the judiciary, and attended (range Press).

The mayor Shatra director, Nazim Nasser, in an interview to (to the extent Press), said that there are "36 investment opportunity for variety in Shatra, distributed as follows: 15 within the municipal directorate, and 14 industrial, agricultural and five and one commercial, like a tourist," noting that "the conference aims to encourage the movement of investment and activating the role of the private sector and job creation and exchange of ideas with the concerned authorities to improve the rate of elimination and development within available resources and laws. "

The conference was attended by the first deputy governor of Dhi Qar, just Aldechala, a group of members of the provincial council and local officials and the heads of relevant departments as well as representatives of Thi-Qar Investment Authority and Nasiriyah Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Businessmen and the Union of Industrialists and other institutions, associations and departments concerned with investment.
The Dhi Qar management, announced (29 May 2016), subtract 27 investment opportunity in the district of Suq, (35 km south of Nasiriyah), and expressed its intention to hold more similar conferences in the rest of its administrative units, to develop its economy and face the repercussions of the financial crisis current.