People crowd attacking al-Mutlaq: a liar and wants to stay "Daash"


BAGHDAD / .. launched a spokesman for the popular crowd Karim al - Nuri, on Monday, a strongly worded attack on the Arab coalition leader Saleh al - Mutlaq, stressing that he wants to stay Daash terrorist organization in the city of Fallujah.

He said Noori's "Eye of Iraq News," that "al-Mutlaq spoke and his coalition for abuses and executions in Saqlawiyah Nude health completely is a liar broadcast rumors of interest Daash" calling "al-Mutlaq to visit displaced people in the liberated areas, rather than statements of deficiencies and the role of the neighborhood."

He said the "Saleh al-Mutlaq wants to implicate the people of Fallujah more so you do not get out of the city and remain under the protection of Aldoaash," explaining that "al-Mutlaq wants to stay Daash terrorist organization in the city of Fallujah."

As revealed Arab coalition led by Saleh al-Mutlaq, on Monday, for "mass abductions and executions" of tens of civilians in Saqlawiyah, as denounced acts of torture of civilians when interrogated, the Iraqi government carry full responsibility for the preservation of the lives of the civilian population of 9 Filojh.anthy