Abadi: not for civilians to settled the battle of Fallujah within days


Baghdad / term

The official spokesman for the Prime Minister, yesterday, the Iraqi government is keen for the souls of the Iraqis from those who championed Aldoaash and Amteke to kill the people of Anbar and Fallujah.

While urging journalists and politicians to support Iraqi forces, which are fighting for the liberation of the city of Fallujah and not to listen to the voices of discord, criticized some Arab media forgets that the ultimate goal of the Fallujah operations performance.

Saad al-Sabri, a spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister at a press briefing, said that "Iraqi forces continued to advance in the liberation of Fallujah by the time the plans and the schedule, has made significant progress liberating large areas in the Fallujah operations boycotted."

He said government spokesman "with a succession of victories, the Iraqi government confirms its commitment to the lives of civilians and seeking by all means to provide maximum possible protection for them under the circumstances of the battle with the enemy seeks to cause harm does not hesitate to use all means to harm fighters and Iraqi citizens."

The newborn "The government emphasizes that no transgression or violation occurs in the breakers fighting will be addressed to him and to hold accountable those who do," pointing out that "it is doing harm to the armed forces and the popular crowd and to all fighters against terrorism, violates the directives of reference and religious orders commanding general of Forces armed. "

He stressed spokesman Abadi, that "the unity of Iraqis in the battle of existence against terrorism is essential to achieve victory the expeditious where and restore stability to the liberated cities and accelerate the return of displaced people to it who are looking to return to their cities as soon as deadlines and prepare days to edit and secure."

He pointed out that "the military operation to liberate Fallujah could have been resolved in days if it were not the safety of civilians and the preservation of the lives of innocent people of Fallujah Introduction to break into the city in general commander of the armed forces and field leadership audit process."

He said the government spokesman, "We urge politicians and the media to support the Iraqi forces, which are fighting for the liberation of the city of Fallujah and not listening to the voices of discord and not to allow sectarian influence unite Iraqis in the battle of Fallujah ..

We regret that the performance of some Arab media that discarding the ultimate goal of the operations of Fallujah, namely editing residents Fallujah and the return of Nazhaha it and condone the exploits of brave fighters to protect civilians and to support them and take them to safe areas in hundreds of cases. "

And seal the newborn that "the Iraqi government eager to Iraqi lives of those who have advocated Aldoaash and Amteke to kill the people of Anbar, Fallujah, displacing them from their homes, and our people in Anbar Brohm and are now fighting side by side with our heroine to remove the darkness Daash and their supporters from the land of Iraq."