Insurance sector

Author: Yasser incumbent

05/06/2016 0:00

[SIZE=5]Insurance is a central nerve between the three pillars of the financial sector , a bank, insurance, stock market, but the insurance effort is absent from the arena of media economic but Mander.

Advantageous that the citizen briefs in particular and all the activities that can benefit from insurance services on the unfinished insurance sector that displays in the media, economic and , especially, to their importance in a serious contribution in supporting economic development programs.

as well as being a means to promote the benefits of insurance and its importance in supporting and promoting economic activities, it will allow the Tracker available on the movement and activity of insurance in the country to analyze the advantages and its impact on the economy and managed to straighten orientations, no insurance, about the development process through the visions of finance and economy experts.

drew my attention a flash for one insurance experts said the decline in the performance sector , private insurance companies, which is more like a complaint about unequal competition .. I find it to be reminded that the private sector, within the Constitution, the partner sector year in all its activities and through this partnership , we can evaluate our economic performance to the fullest.

so I find it appropriate to invite the Office of insurance, which is directed to the insurance activity, to the initiative in creating a coherent relationships between public and private insurance companies for the interest is supportive of the insurance process. it is
true that the confidence gained by public sector companies much of the private sector higher but needed to dispel these fears by supporting and encouraging the private insurance sector.

according to my belief that the civil insurance companies possess significant qualifications success when left untouched from the expertise and financial solvency could be implicated for development programs, but lacks the bridges of trust and support from the Office of insurance to restore confidence corporate civil eligible within assessments Court and work to involve these companies in the large risks insurance so they can be to promote insurance in supporting the sector 's

to my knowledge , that the large investments of the first requirements discreet financial sector Bmassarvh companies secure and Borsth this is an important Taatkvlha stakeholders in order the sustainability of the role of insurance in the financial sector support programs in development.