Design achievement {51} technical support infrastructure projects across provinces

2016/6/5 18:15

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

announced the Ministry of construction and housing and municipalities completed 51 public design projects technically subordinate to State institutions during the past year, "confirmed" continue to accomplish physical designs for advancement of infrastructure in the country.

According to a statement of the Ministry of construction and housing agency received {Euphrates news} "engineering staffs at the National Centre for engineering consultancy design audit completed

Ministry one set of projects of the ministries of State, indicating that the projects included 14 projects for the Ministry of youth and sports and four projects for the Ministry of oil, and three projects for the Ministry of education and other State institutions in the latest architectural designs which would contribute to raising the level of urbanization in the country."

He added, "the Department working on a strategic plan for the advancement of physical reality, and increase the number of housing units for the purpose of addressing the housing crisis, as well as the rehabilitation and development of the bridges are in line with the current stage of the country.