The government renews its commitment to hold accountable "abusive" battles of Fallujah and calls for not listening to the "Voices of sedition"

Sunday June 5, 2016 18:03

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Renewed the Iraqi government on Sunday, its commitment to hold accountable "abusive" in the ongoing liberalization of Fallujah from the control of the organization "Daash" and bring them to justice battles, referring to the formation of a committee on human rights to diagnose any breach of instructions to protect civilians, as called for not hearing it's "Voices of discord "and prevent the" sectarians "of influence the course of the battle.

Saad al-Hadithi, spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a televised speech followed up Alsumaria News, "the Iraqi government confirms its commitment to the lives of civilians and seeking by all means to provide maximum possible protection for them under the conditions of a battle with seeks to cause harm an enemy does not hesitate to use all means to harm fighters and Iraqi citizens, has been the embodiment of this government to ensure through strict orders and continuous follow-up field visits consecutive year, the commander of the armed forces to categorically Fallujah, and through the prosecution of any abuses or violations and bring those found them to justice to receive their just penalty. "

Sabri pointed to the "formation of a committee on human rights to diagnose any breach gets to the instructions of the protection of civilians and the preservation of their lives and their dignity and coordinating committees to follow to secure the exits and safe havens for civilians and the provision of basic needs for them through joint efforts with the local government in Anbar province and Endowment and dignitaries and tribal areas is taking place edits and with the participation of Anbar police and members of the crowd from the tribal people of Anbar. "

"The government stresses that any abuse or violation occurs in the breakers fighting will be addressed to him and to hold accountable those who do and is doing harm to the armed forces and the popular crowd and to all fighters against terrorism and violates the directives of religious authority and orders of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces."

He called newborn politicians and the media to "support the Iraqi forces, which are fighting for the liberation of the city of Fallujah and not listening to the voices of discord and not to allow sectarian influence unite Iraqis in the battle of Fallujah," stressing "the importance of the continuation of the unity of the national position in the fight against terrorism."

Through Sabri expressed regret for "the performance of some Arab media that forgets the ultimate goal of the operations of Fallujah, namely liberalization people of the city and the return of Nazhaha it and condone the exploits of our fighters brave to protect civilians and to support them and take them to safe areas in hundreds of cases, and highlights the contrast individual abuses by the corrupt elements and is not institutionalized in the security services that sacrifice for the Iraqis to protect or violations does not reflect at all about our fighters brave they are in violation of the directives issued by the commander of the armed forces and approach the year in which governs the behavior of the military units in the Fallujah operations which remain the subject of a government refused to follow legal and accounting According to the contexts of military control. "

He stressed that it "raises questions about the intentions of some Arab media regarding particular terrorism stand," stressing at the same sustenance that "the impact of the word or news is not objective and that encases the frame sectarian no less dangerous than the impact of a bullet terrorism, which went to the issuance of the Iraqis he prepares act contrary to the ethics and standards of media work and damage the efforts of Iraq and the international community in the war on terror. "

Sabri said that "the Iraqi government sure to Iraqi lives of those who have advocated Aldoaash and Omteke to kill the people of Anbar, Fallujah, displacing them from their homes, and our people in Anbar Brohm and are now fighting side by side with our heroine to remove the darkness Daash and their supporters from the land of Iraq."

The Abadi, announced on Saturday, all issued an order to stop accused of "overshoot" on citizens through ongoing for the Liberation of the city of Fallujah from the control of "Daash" military operations, and as pointed out that these violations "is not systematic," confirmed the government's intention to raise an international lawsuit against satellite "promoted" to the organization.