Parliamentary legal: 60 "performed" crash passed by not convening the Council

2016-06-05 at 17:55

Balance of news

Detect parliamentary legal Commission member Zhanna, Sunday, about 60 crashes performed Act pending legislation because of recent conflicts and disrupt parliamentary sessions.

A happy balance/news/"the legal Committee had completed about 60 law and completed its first reading and forwarded to the respective commissions competence."

He added that "those laws are still on the headquarters did not provide commissions for second reading and vote because Parliament sessions by the Presidency", stating that "all parties have gone down a setback in the House of welatthamlh" block.

She is happy, that "among those laws the Federal Court Act and the law on the Council of the judiciary and border crossings and the distribution of imports on citizens."

The speaker was Selim Jabouri announced earlier, entering Parliament over legislative vacation