President of the Republic of Iraq strongly aspires to the role of the French privileged Reconstruction liberated areas

2016/6/5 15:30

[Oan- Baghdad]

President Fuad Masum said, "Iraq aspires strongly to the French Republic plays a distinct role in the rebuilding of the national economy and in Iraq's reconstruction plans, especially the liberated areas."

According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that infallible "confirmed during a meeting at the Peace Palace in Baghdad Sunday afternoon French Ambassador Marc Baretti, that the friendship and cooperation relations between the Iraqi peoples and historical French and strategy and in the interests of the two countries," stressing the need to "deepen the economic, cultural and academic fields."

President of the Republic as the price of the "military and humanitarian support for Iraq in its war against terrorism," referring to "the determination of Iraq's signing of the International Convention for the climate, praising at the same time the position of France, the pro-Iraq is looking forward to the annexation of the marshes and the archaeological sites to the World Heritage this year."

For his part, the French ambassador, according to the statement, "his country's determination to strengthen and develop cooperation with Iraq frameworks, and its keenness to continue military and humanitarian support, reiterated France's support for Iraq in its war against al Daash terrorism and its readiness to develop its participation in support of the Iraqi economy, and to continue the humanitarian and military support." .