Kurdish deputy: intense meetings of delegations from the region and officials in Baghdad, break the country's crises

05/06/2016 02:51

Rep about a coalition Kurdish blocs Soran Abdullah, there were extensive meetings between political delegations from Kurdistan Alliance with Baghdad officials break the crisis.

Abdullah said there are existing efforts to encircle the ongoing crisis from all sides, "pointing out that" the recent meeting between the Kurdistan blocs and the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi a week ago pointed out existing problems and especially all CMA and lingering between the territory and the Federal Government and review the agreements concluded during the past years. "

"We hope the Court to reach a decision within a short time to resolve its everyone is waiting for the Court decision and then Parliament can convene and resolve these things," he said, adding that "part of the solution to the disagreement would be the Court's decision and everyone abide by her decision.