Agricultural associations in demanding to spend 25 billion dinars from 2015.

2016/06/05 14:08


Agricultural associations demanded in Maysan province, on Sunday, the Federal Government and peasant dues amounting to more than 25 billion dinars, while pointing out that this year will see the self for wheat and barley, confirmed that the Government's policy in dealing with the agricultural sector.

Agricultural associations Chief in Missan almhamdaoi woodsman's cream (range) that "the Government and the Ministry of agriculture associations of peasant dues accumulated estimated for 2015 and more than 25 billion dinars," Noting that "such receivables are wheat and barley marketed Commerce Department stores by 2015."

Almhamdaoi added that "agricultural sector post saw regime change, especially in 2004, deliberate government negligence, the peasant to migrate in search of another provision, stating that" most of the territory is still an agricultural exploitation Meyssan unclaimed, it may constitute a risk to the lives of peasants who know only farming. "

Prime agricultural societies continued in Basra "previously, earth produces many types of vegetables from tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants and fruits of various kinds," pointing out that "in recent years, water shortage and lack of interest in farming have made Iraq imported many types of vegetables, due to weak economy and made him consuming countries."

Almhamdaoi stressed that "this year will be a year of self preservation of wheat and barley and that the Government funds and farmers ' dues on time."

The Maysan Governorate announced last year it made a self of wheat and barley, having exceeded the quantities marketed by peasants 170 000 tonnes.