WB renews support to fund reconstruction of the liberated areas

2016/06/05 14:32


The World Bank on Sunday renewed its support to the reconstruction fund liberated areas in Iraq, while seeking to implement future projects in those areas.

He said in a statement received Reconstruction Fund (range) ", head of the reconstruction fund terrorist operations affected areas Abdel Basset Turki met today, World Bank delegation headed by Director of the Bank's fragile States Saroj Kumar", stating that "meeting included discussion of file reconstruction and mechanisms under the World Bank loan including the relationship with the local community and civil society organizations in the target areas.

Turkish statement confirmed that "the Fund's work is the work of supporting the ministries of State and local governments," pointing out that "intensive cooperation with the Working Group of the World Bank loan.

Department Manager said the Bank's fragile States Saroj Kumar that "the World Bank continues to support the reconstruction fund and seek to implement future projects, through this relationship in light of the success of current experience."

Reconstruction fund terrorist operations in affected areas in Iraq (May 14, 2016), that the World Bank is studying expanding its activities to include the edited parts of Organization (Saba) recently in the reconstruction process.

The reconstruction fund referred to areas affected by terrorist operations, announced Thursday, (31 March 2016), forming four committees to follow up and study the plans on the donor conference to be held in Oman, Jordan, confirmed the presence of Government support for the Conference, pointed to discuss proposals to the Preparatory Committee.

Fund rebuilding areas affected by terrorism, decided to postpone the International Conference for the reconstruction of the liberated areas which was to be held in Jordanian capital of Oman during April to may in the current State Department invited to direct ambassadors Iraq in coordination with the Governments of the countries in which they are urging them to attend the meeting.

Iraq live a suffocating economic crisis because of a lack of liquidity and ongoing government assurances need austerity and reduced government spending, as the country faces continuing war with Al (ISIS) SAP his energies largely financial.