Abadi vows to form a Committee to study the Kurdistan asked allot 17 percent of loans

2016/06/04 16:48

Run virus/Baghdad

The Kurdistan Alliance, unveiled Saturday, demanding the Central Government allocated 17% of loans obtained by Iraq to Kurdistan, confirmed that Prime Minister Haider Abadi pledged to form a Commission to study the request.

The Kurdistan Alliance Deputy said Najib's brilliant (range), the Federal Government must install entitlement Kurdistan through grant 17% of loans to Iraq from international financial institutions ", stating that" article 106 of the Constitution indicate that grants and assistance and loans all federal revenues are distributed equitably and that unless the Government. "

Najib added that "those loans will address many of the problems afflicting the region and will provide health services to one million and eight hundred thousand displaced people in Kurdistan", noting that "the show, the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, who in turn pledged to form a Commission to study the issue.

He was a financial adviser to the Prime Minister Mohammad Saleh appearance revealed, on May 27, 2016, the amount of international "umbrella" will get Iraq estimated at about 20 billion dollars, with investment and economy Committee called for in the House of representatives to focus on the actual need for loans and how to spend them to boost the national economy, an economist with the difference between the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund loan to public opinion.

Mentions that Iraq declared in (13 January 2016), for approval by the International Monetary Fund to finance the budget deficit through clouds of hard currency reserves, explaining that it means lower those reserves of 59 billion dollars by the end of October 2015, to 43 billion this year.