The tourism sector was affected denies Basra "recession" and investors are calling for global projects

2016/06/04 14:58

Ato the extent/Basrah

Back in the Basra Investment Commission, said Saturday that tourism projects in progress "will not be affected by the current economic recession, as much influenced by the possibility of attracting more investors to the County, with msthmron of projects called" global "feature to upgrade the reality of Basra.

Said the Basra Investment Commission on the GASPE (long press), that "tourism investment projects are under construction will not be affected by the economic recession on the contrary that the cost may be less than the previous implementation, stating that" a recession might be limited due to the current financial crisis, could end with the completion of a number of projects that are currently under construction, which serves investors ".

GASPE acknowledged that "the recession will affect the possibility of attracting more investors to keep", noting that Basra is currently setting up a hotel five star Millennium sword, which is one of the important tourist projects when completed, will be managed by 2018, by a Singapore company with a global reputation.

Hotel Project Manager said Saif me Wael Shaukat, a (range), "hotel featuring 350 room as well as recreational rooms, 45 percent completion rate" n "new fingerprint sets are back in Basra through managed by a company with a global reputation for conservative needs more of them to improve their situations.

Experiencing Basra (590 km south of Baghdad), weak economic movement due to the financial crisis, but the presence of investment projects and the presence of oil companies, experts and business people may recognize from other province.